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Nothing compares to surfing on a hot summer day – the sun on your back, the water keeping you cool, and the sensation of catching a few waves. Surfing is truly one of the best ways to spend a summer day. At Boogie Down Golf Carts & Bicycles, we want nothing more than for you to fully enjoy your time at the beach. If you forgot your surfboard, then you need to stop by and see our surfboard rentals in Daytona Beach, FL. We’ve got boards that are perfect for beginners, intermediates, and expert surfers.

Surfboard Selection

When you visit us, you’ll see that we have a selection of surfboards for everyone. If you’re going for a traditional surfing experience, then we have a selection of longboards for you to choose from. In contrast, if you’re more athletic, then we have a selection of short boards that will help you cut through waves like a pro.


If you’re not a surfer, and you’re just trying to spend time relaxing on the water, then paddle boarding might be right for you. Paddle boarding requires much less athleticism than traditional surfing and it’s a great deal of fun! We also offer paddle boarding training classes for our clients that are feeling timid!

With an amazing selection of water sports equipment, Boogie Down Rentals is here to make your time at the beach unforgettable. We keep all of our quality equipment in excellent condition and offer affordable rental prices. Bring the whole family to Boogie Down Golf Carts & Bicycles – we’ve got something for everyone!