We now offer Paddle Board rentals! Ask us about our new beachfront Paddle Boarding School.
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Golf Cart Rentals | Boogie Down Golf Carts & Bicycles | Daytona Beach, FL | (386) 255-0717
Who does not enjoy driving a golf cart? Now you can have all the fulfillment of driving a golf cart without having to play golf by visiting Boogie Down...
Bike Rentals | Boogie Down Golf Carts & Bicycles | Daytona Beach, FL | (386) 255-0717
If you want to explore everything Daytona Beach, FL has to offer, you should visit Boogie Down Golf Carts & Bicycles to check out our...
Surfboard Rentals | Boogie Down Golf Carts & Bicycles | Daytona Beach, FL | (386) 255-0717
Nothing compares to surfing on a hot summer day – the sun on your back, the water keeping you cool, and the sensation of catching a few waves...

No other business will work as hard as we will to turn your vacation into the best trip of your life!

Welcome to Boogie Down Golf Carts & Bicycles

If you want to cruise Daytona Beach, FL in style,you only need to visit one business: Boogie Down Golf Carts & Bicycles.We are Daytona’s number one shop for all street- and beach-related vehicles to spice up your stay on one of America’s most beautiful coastlines.

We are a family-owned business dedicated to making your trip to Daytona Beach a vacation you will never forget! If you want to get around inexpensively—and have fun doing it—visit our store to see what we have to offer.

We rent and sell the following:

• Golf Carts
• Scooters
• Electric and Pedal Bicycles
• Beach Cruisers
• Paddle Boards
• Surfboards
• Skateboards
• Roller Skates
• And More!

We offer the best quality at the lowest price! No other shop has the selection we do at the prices we offer.Besides daily rentals, we also sell new and used golf carts, scooters, bicycles, and cruisers.

Find yourself some wheels and experience the full tour by contacting Boogie Down Golf Carts & Bicycles today. Everything we offer is street legal and follows all local regulations. If you happen to be in Daytona Beach, FL and want to make things easier on yourself, stop by Boogie Down Golf Carts & Bicycles! Boogie Down on the Daytona shores!